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The ICU is the last defense in saving lives. There are a great many challenges that caregivers have to meet everyday. The complexity of the patients' situation, heavy workload, a fast emergency response, and medication management difficulties -all of these lead to huge risks to patient safety.

The PMS-Connect IT solution provides a universal central monitoring platform which integrates bedside medical devices together, using a standard interface to connect with the hospital IT system. It can optimize clinical workflow, improve efficiency, enhance patient safety, help caregivers easily cope with various challenges, and ensure patient safety.

  • Mission
    Periodmed Patient-centric distributed monitoring

    PMS-Connect supports patient-centric, distributed monitoring. Clinicians can access data from all of a patient’s bedside devices (such as patient monitor integrated ventilator, infusion pumps,) and receive waveform information throughout the department, within the hospital building as well as remotely, anytime anywhere. PMS-Connect can help clinicians respond promptly to data, helping to safeguard patient safety.

  • Vision
    User experience enhanced by leading technologies

    With state-of-the-art screen technology, Periodmed patient monitors deliver clear, multi-color, wide-format displays for users to capture and review information at a glance. With multi-touch operation, users can control the monitor and review patient data quickly and easily.

  • Values
    Comprehensive integration, high quality diagnosis and treatment

    Always centered on the patient, the PMS-Connect IT Solution i connects bedside devices such as ventilators and infusion pumps to the monitoring system, and organically integrates the data from these devices. Clinical applications based on data integration are supplied to help medical staff improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment.

Access Data Anytime Anywhere, Enhanced Patient Safety

PMS-Connect supports patient-centric distributed monitoring. Clinicians can get patients' all bedside devices (patient monitor integrated ventilator, infusion pumps and so on) data and waveform in every area of the department, intra-hospital and outside hospital anytime anywhere. It can help clinicians respond promptly and ensure patient safety.

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